We are a group of iPEC-trained, certified coaches dedicated to supporting to healthcare workers on the front line of the battle against COVID19.  We are here to support you.

*Coaches Against Covid is a service intended to provide interim support to frontline healthcare workers at this critical time; coaching is not intended to be a substitute for clinical mental/psychological healthcare.  If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or require therapy in any way, please contact a mental health clinician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Vanessa Gil

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Coaches Against COVID

Joanna Eshaghoff

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Anna Stratis

New York

I came to coaching after a career in finance and admissions consulting.  I’m a graduate of Harvard University (BA) and the Wharton School of U-Penn (MBA).  My coaching specialty is spiritually-connected well-being and performance coaching.  My passions include yoga, astrology, hypnosis, and Buddhism.  I’m certified in Reiki Japanese healing, and I’m a Universal Life Minister.  Compassion, non-judgment, and deep listening are central to my practice.

I am a mother of four who became a Certified Professional Coach in order to help others live their best life possible.  I work with clients on personal goals and growth, and also specialize in marketing for small businesses. This includes helping individuals work through each day, including the really tough ones.  I'm in awe of our medical professionals and caregivers during this difficult time, and recognize that there are a lot of feelings and emotions that are not being addressed as well as they can for many reasons.  As a coach against COVID,  I'm here for you. Sending love, and looking forward to connecting soon.

I am a board-certified family physician and a certified professional coach recognized by the ICF.  I coach individuals and couples who are seeking to live in their best health.   I live in New York City and, during the COVID-19 crisis, I volunteered as a physician at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn.  This experience has inspired my work with people who are striving to heal and rebuild from the disruption of COVID-19 and create their powerful "new normal".  

Anna Stone

New York

Tony Degliomini

New Jersey

Cheri Parker



Anna Terese Stone (CPC 2020) is a life coach, writer, and teacher who is committed to helping you live true to the core of who you are. The mission of her work is to help you unleash your limitless, innate, and undeniable, unique potential by sparking possibility and embracing what it means to be human. In 1:1 coaching sessions she works with you to uncover the wisdom that lives in you, so that you are guiding your life in all moments.  

My passion & purpose is to inspire and motivate others to aspire to "Believe" in themselves in reaching their personal and/or life ambitions and goals. Specializing in transitional life coaching with a touch of spirituality. Graduate of Rutgers University (BA Psychology). Certified Life Coach since (iPEC) Sept. 2017. 


Believe in yourself...

Elevate your approach...

Live with passion...

Intuition is powerful...

Enlightenment is all around...

Vitality is a state of mind...

Every day is a Blessing.

I help high level executives learn how to have a healthy relationship with their passions .. all of them, including work. When I talk about work/life balance it comes from a place much deeper than something I believe in.  It comes from the unbalanced life I lived and thought I was thriving in.  CPC recieved through iPEC in December of 2019.

Ilene Collins


Jackie Vavra


Vivki Landers


I work with people who want to make adjustments that allow them to thrive. I work with individuals who want to identify "what is missing" and how to get "it" back in their lives. Some people call it their "next chapter." I graduated IPEC in March of 2019. I am a CPC, ELI-MP, and ICF PCC. I currently work with restaurant owners, a medical practice, a bar owner, and individual clients. They all have one thing in common, “I want.....” (to fill in the blank in their lives).

I am Transition and Wellness Coach. I will partner with you to help you reach your goals and live your best life. I will support you as you navigate life transitions, transform your life, or heal from a difficult situation. I can help you focus on yourself and your emotional wellness to achieve balance in your life. I am a Certified Professional Coach (iPEC, March 2019), ACC accredited from the International Coaching Federation (March 2020).

I am a Physical Therapist turned health IT, turned coach. (CPC from iPEC in May of 2020) I have been in healthcare since 1993, working as a front line clinician to formal leadership.  I started coaching when I realized I could help the people around me with the struggles of healthcare leadership.  The   pull of purpose in patient care vs. the regulations and realities of staff management.  My purpose in coaching  is to help healthcare leaders engage with their values and help them shine their light for those they lead.  

Lisa Hopkins

New York

Nancy Polsky




New York

Lisa is a Certified Professional Coach, CORE Performance Dynamics Specialist and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner who helps people at all stages of their journey to be empowered, live authentically and lead a life of direction. A passionate creative professional herself, Lisa has extensive experience in the performing arts as a director, choreographer, producer, writer and dance teacher. She is adjunct faculty at Pace University teaching tap and jazz dance in the Commercial Dance and Musical Theater BFA programs and co-founder of New York Stage Originals, an internationally recognized theatrical production company. Lisa is a mother, a daughter a sister and a wife and splits her time between NYC and Burlington, VT.

I am a coach, author, speaker and award-winning trainer specializing in empowering clients to lead values-centric lives. An IPEC Certified Professional Coach (2018) and Wholebeing Positive Psychologist, I currently head leadership development efforts for a large healthcare staffing company. A health crisis 20 years ago led me to discover wellness and mindfulness practices to maintain an active lifestyle. A busy mom, avid runner and yogi, I've recently taken up bodysurfing on south Florida beaches! 

Pamela Burkett Jones is the executive director and founder of Proactive Life Coaching and Consulting LLC. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) fully trained by iPEC, designed on July 14, 2019.   Pamela is a retired criminal justice professional with thirty-two years of experience. Twenty-seven of those years, she served as an active first responder.  Pamela is now dedicated to coaching other first responders in career transitioning, leadership development, personal awareness and self-care. 

Betty Kempa


Laura Banks

South Africa

Kristine Iandiorio

New York

Betty Kempa, CPC-ELI-MP, is one of the industry’s top career change strategists.  She specializes in helping mid to senior-level corporate women transition out of unfulfilling jobs and into careers they love.  Her clientele includes executive women from companies such as Google, Sephora, PayPal, WorkDay, et al.  Betty is a thought leader who writes and speaks on topics such as:  overcoming imposter syndrome, mindset, dream career clarity, and effective career change strategy.  

Laura Banks committed to living a life of adventure, service and growth and helps others do the same. Currently stationed in South Africa, Laura is working with NGOs to bring coaching support to female entrepreneurs across Africa. The focus of her personal coaching practice is to help change-makers and visionaries create balance and reduce stress so that they can stay energized and committed to their big goals. Laura has been practicing as a certified professional coach since June 2019. 

Kristine is a Certified Life Coach who helps clients to feel more engaged and purposeful in all aspects of their life.  She will help you to unlock your inner voice and passions to guide you. Together you will partner to raise your consciousness, and enable you to work through what you want, why you currently do not have it, and work though the challenges and blocks that are getting in your way and create a plan so you can truly live the life you always imagined.



New York

Sheila Weir


Rosanne Essiambre


With my extensive experience in HR, most of which has been in leadership roles, it is no surprise that I would have found my way to coaching.  As a graduate of iPEC, certified January of 2020, I am proud to help clients rise to their best self, making conscious decisions that reshapes their future.  My specialty is Leadership and Executive coaching as well as transition coaching. 

After 25 years in corporate, Sheila made the bold move to leave her corporate comforts to begin her coaching business, The Elephant Motif, and focus on her passion of partnering with women who are going through transition (or want a change) and are ready to create a more meaningful and authentic life. Sheila graduated from iPEC in January 2020 and carries her CPC, ELI-MP and is a Cor.E Dynamics Specialist.

Rosanne Essiambre, CPC, ELI-MP is a Certified Professional Coach (2010), Six Sigma Black Belt, Change Management Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP). She provides one-on-one and group coaching to change agents to help them identify and remove roadblocks to their success. She lives in the Boston area and is passionate about continuous improvement whether it be an in organization or in one’s own personal development.

Robann Roberts


Nicole Stockman


Michelle Kuie


Life is too short to live in a place of fear, overwhelm, or joylessness. I specialize in helping people that are coping with a loved one that is struggling with depression, addiction or illness. Often we become “stuck” or lost due to traumatic circumstances that we feel are outside of our control. We all deserve to live our lives in a way that makes us fulfilled, grateful and whole. Let me help you find the path to living your very best life!

 I am a certified life coach specializing in transition and in empowering individuals to deepen their connection and love for themselves so they can find joy, freedom, and confidence to live an aligned, purposeful life. My mission is to help you forge your own path by discovering your truth and aligning your actions to your passions and values.

Michelle Kuei is a certified confidence leadership coach who helps negative self-talkers to believe in the talents to reach full potential in a fulfilling personal and professional life. She is the author of the new memoir, Perfectly Normal-an immigrant’s story of making it in America. She is a board member of the United Nations Association of the USA and a Clinical Pharmacist at USC’s Keck Medical Center. Michelle was born in Taiwan and grew up in New York, but today she lives in Los Angeles with a short-haired brown tabby cat named Buster.


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